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Links - Some eye candy

Some of you have already seen this, but if you haven't, this is too cool not to share. Very nice Shockwave video with ... well, the link says it all:

Headphone-wearin', drum thumpin' Kimono babes (SFW, unless drumming noises bother coworkers)

Two movies I have recently seen by Sevenohfive Films are worth mentioning. I don't like all their work, because a majority of it is kind of self-pandering and a bit stupid, but hey, I did that with Prune Bran for 4 years, so more power to 'em. Some of these films are hefty movie downloads, but worth a chuckle or two, as long as you don't take them too seriously.

Three men. One race to finish it all. Reed Spacer stars in Skid Marks. Brought to you by Red Ass Fault Beer, who remind you not to drink and drive. (some strong langauge)

Three men. Slightly different men. One (?) deck of cards trips off a martial arts battle to end all battles between three wily players. See Venom Mercury kick some serious chi in Three Card Studs. Can you spot the obscure spoofs?(some strong langauge)

One of the most notable things about these two films is not so much the acting (?) or gags, but I think these guys really know how to edit action sequences VERY well for ameteurs. If you are a film student, or just want to make your own silly films, study some of the camera angles, scene cuts, musical cues, and overall directoral flow. This kind of skill can make your boring Star Wars fan film into something you won't feel as embarrased about when you're 50.
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