punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Korean Deli Soap Opera update

The Chinese girl is settling into the job fairly well. She’s really fast on the register now, and she has stopped wearing those trashy clothes and they finally gave her an orange shirt to wear (everyone there wears orange polo shirts). Sadly, thanks to kaiotte, I always wonder if she’s flirting with me. I swear she’s not, she’s just normally friendly, but now there’s doubt in my head. Damn you, kaiotte!

The new Hispanic girl is still a dumb sack of wet hair. The biggest handicap she has is that she speaks English with such a heavy accent, it’s hard to understand a word she says, and she seems to have the same problem in reverse. Twice now, she’s given me rye bread instead of white, I think because of this problem:

Me: I would like roast beef and cheese on white, please.
Her: Joo wan aye? [“aye” sounding like the long “i” sound, both the main vowel in “white” and “rye”]
Me: White. White bread.
Her: Aye bet?
Me: Yes, white bread.

And I get rye.

Her: Joo wan what? Biff?
Me: Roast beef, please.
Her: Brisket?
Me: Roast beef.
Her: Brisket?
Me: Roast beef.
Korean supervisor: Ih? [short “i” sound]
Me: Beef.
Her: Ih!!
Korean supervisor: Hokay.

And I get a “mix” (also short “i”) of roast beef and brisket.

Her: Joo wan lenus domado?
Me: Lettuce, tomato, yes. I also want mayo and muenster cheese, please.
Her: Joo wan chiss?
Me: Muenster. Muenster cheese.
Her: Chiss?
Korean Supervisor: He wants muenster cheese! [points]
Me: He no wan chiss?
Korean Supervisor: [grabs slice, puts it on sandwich] He wants mayo, too! [points to mayo]
Her: [resigned like I asked for the most ridiculous non-sequitur she has ever heard] Hokay... [shrugs, put on mustard]

Oh well. Roast beef, sliced brisket, muenster cheese, with lettuce, tomato, and mustard on rye at least tastes good.
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