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My ankle HURTS! And I lost my brace somewhere... so I am back to a cane. What happened was on Monday, I stepped on a rock funny while waiting at a Metro station, which arched my foot in such a way that caused my ankle to give way, and then I fell into a concrete-lined trash can. My ankle, of course, immediately swelled up, and since this was my “bad” foot from the Feb 2005 incident with a handicapped ramp, it freaked out, and swelled up in sympathy.

It was starting to heal until yesterday, when someone in front of me on an escalator nearly fell backwards because the lady in front of him started adjusting the order in which she carried her suitcases. My ankle just went *pop* and gave way, but I was already holding onto the handrail, so I didn’t fall, but then my ankle started to grind like it had loose gravel in it. I wasn’t able to keep it up last night because I had to go to an Open House at CR’s vocational training with being a vet tech.

Luckily I have a cane.

This cane... I got for free. When I ran the Springfield Mall Cargo Furniture store, and they were shutting the store down for good and transferring me to Tyson’s, this cane had been in our “Lost and Found” since before I started working there, and so I took it home. Little did I know how much use it would get. It’s a sturdy and adjustable cane with a wide grip, and I see more old people use it, or people recovering from massive leg surgery. It’s an interesting shade of copper and brown, and is the kind of cane one could use to beat those whippersnappers that get in front of feyandstrange‘s wheelchair. It’s not as nice as anyarm’s cane, which is purple and has floral prints, but I like this handle better. This cane has been used by various family and friends for various injuries or recoveries from surgery, and all it’s ever needed replaced was the rubber foot. It’s almost like an old family member at this point, and only now, as I looked at the worn UPC sticker on one side, did I think it needed decoration.

Hmmm... I need to find a Goth artist...

Anyway, I don’t recommend having a cane on the Metro, because people just knock it out from right under you, either with their suitcase pull toys or feet. I can’t even figure out how to coordinate using it on a escalator.

It’s more annoying than painful, really, because it only hurts if I walk on it for a minute or so. But I am scared it will give out, and I’ll tumble to the floor and look stupid or get hurt. And as the day goes by with my foot down, the swelling fills my shoe, and then... ow.
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