punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Some new friends

Hey, thanks to djfanboy, I found out about some other old friends from "FanTek WOW (Way Out West)", like digitalsidhe and my old assistant and former Restonian, feyandstrange. Guys, if you can point me to Linda and Dillo's journal (does he have one?), I'd be a happy dude. I miss my old goth/punk buddies. I feel old! Let me be old with you guys...

Then on a lark, I said, "Hey, I wonder if my old high school buddy wombat1138 has a Livejournal?" Yep, she does. Not updated that much, but ... well, so is her life story in a lot of ways. Don't make me come out there and save your sorry ass, because I will, and I'll beat the pen and ink out of you to get you back on the art track. Of course, this led me to eeedge. Amazing! There was me, Jason, Kate, wombat1138, and eeedge who were the original "Pentagon of McLean" (a name I made up just now, I don't think we had a name) that I hung out with... Jeebus, it's been almost 20 years since we started hanging out together! Of course, when we graduated, we all split up. Here's the rundown on our former high school buddies.

Kate - Associate Professor at OK State, working with Medieval Studies
Jason - Astrophysicist working at U of AZ
wombat1138 - Biochemist
eeedge - Works with some students (?) and mother of 2.
punkwalrus - Unix Syadmin until he gets laid off

Man, guys... what a long, strange trip it's been...
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