punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Vet tech training

As some of you may know, my son is 16 and learning to be a vet tech through the school's vocational training program. Last night they had an open house, and all of us went (all being me, CR, takayla, and anyarm). They also had a drawing for CR to win an iPod, which was weird, but I guess it's to incite the parents to come.

Anyway, CR is vice president of his class, and while I don't exactly know what the details of the job are, I 'll boast about it anyway. He's also joined the anime club... FINALLY... and is having a good time with them, but that's off topic. CR is doing REALLY well in this class, with a solid A along with some other As he had according to his recent interim (I like how you get them now regardless, back in my day you only got them if you were below a C).

The teacher (very fannish) explained their projected curriculum, with a caveat they they don't always get to do all the stuff they plan to. A majority of their busy work involves grooming, which gets the students used to handling the dogs, and cage cleanup. In the classroom they have a variety of animals, like gerbils, hamsters, a milk snake (who was very friendly), two rabbits, a chinchilla, two terrapins, and one cat. There may have been more animals, it was hard to tell which cages had animals and which were being used to store things. I met some of the other students, who also seemed fannish. Some of their parents seemed fannish. I kept thinking, "Man, we have an assorted FanTek cast ready to go here..."

Query to my equine fans: how much does a riding instructor usually get paid? Some kid in CR's lass wants to be one, and the teacher wasn't too supportive of this idea, or several other ideas like "marine biologist" because "they don't pay very well." I can imagine a riding instructor would be paid like, say, a music home tutor, but what do I know? Anyway, who cares how much you get paid, shouldn't that be a personal choice? I could be paid much more as a lawyer, but I'd hate the idea of being one. I don't know how stodgycat stands the industry. But I digress...

CR has made good friends with a white chinchilla named Lizzie. Doesn't one of my regular readers breed gray ones? He also explained the mean rabbit versus the nice one. I feel bad for the marmalade tabby they have; he's got to be the test animal for all their cat lessons. "Here's how you clip their claws! Now let's put him in a small crate! Now Mango will have to have a thermometer up his butt... take turns, students, take turns!" "MMMEEEEOWW!!"

Anyway, CR loves the class, so indications are good that he's really seriously going to try this vet thing. Thanks to some of your suggestions, we have more places to look for fundage.
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