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I know I said I was going to sleep this weekend, but damn...

Fri 11pm - Sat 3am: Slept until I was paged for work
Sat 5am - Sat 11am: Slept until I was hungry and had to let the dogs out
Sat 4pm - Sun 3am: Slept until takayla woke me up
Sun 4am - Sun 11am: Slept until I had to let the dogs out

I slept like the dead. I dreamt during a lot of it, and the only dreams I remembered were moving to a house that was as big as the entire lower floors of convention space of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in DC (and the problems or carting laundry around such a huge house), and another one where I was the nephew of some redneck boat magistrate who owned a sport fishing fleet, and he was accused of murdering his wife, so I had to collect the evidence in the form of a cut-up playing card. None of the dreams seemed impacting or clairvoyant in any way, although it is funny when I have dreams about houses with floorspace and all I worry about is how to keep them clean.

The house was awesome, however. The dining room, for example, was an open area about half the size of a football stadium, and the second floor were like balconies with railings overlooking it (and other rooms). They chose really tacky parquet flooring for the dining room, however, because it doubled as a dance floor for the former owner who had huge parities with dancing and a live band, and apparently had to replace parts of the floor several times. It had two kitchens; a “normal” kitchen which looked like it was out of some magazine, and a catering kitchen which could house up to 4 chefs and looked like a kitchen for a large restaurant. The catering kitchen had “secret hallways” around the house so the staff could deliver meals to various rooms without interrupting traffic to deliver food. Some of the hallways (which also doubled as storage for hundreds of folding chairs and tables) had giant one-way mirrors so the catering staff could see inside large rooms to see what people were out of.

If anyone cared, the laundry room was the size of an 8-car garage, which doubled as clothing storage the size of a large dry cleaners. It had two giant washers and dryers, which thrilled me, but I am the kind of guy who picks up and gets tips from Red Book magazine at the doctor’s office.

The rest of the house a literal maze, built in 4 different eras, we were told, with all the other rooms surrounding the main rooms in the center with two floors split in 3 levels with dozens of staircases, ramps, and large “lounging” rooms that spanned two floors with step downs into various “mesas” designed to see everyone in the room if you were up top. There was no way to map the place from “above,” you had to refer to a small “programme” they provided the help staff and guests which were more like 45 deg angle “bird eye views with cutaways” one usually only sees in game master manuals.
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