punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sir Limpalot gets visited by annoying (but helpful) Scottish fairies

Finally found my damn ankle brace. Thank goodness, because the cane was a pain in the ass, and not really helping heal anything. Oddly enough, it came in a dream where a young strawberry blond girl (named Magpie, which was dressed in a cheap fairy costume and claimed she was Scottish) kept hiding rocks in my house, and I had to keep pulling them out of everything because I had this fear the cats would choke on them. While going through my dresser removing those rocks (which were actually little cakes), I found my ankle brace under a few layers of pants I don’t wear anymore. When I woke up, I asked, “wouldn’t it be funny if it was actually...” well, it was. Weird. Thank you... annoying Scottish fairy girl with the rock cakes... (?)

I feel a lot better that I have gotten so much sleep caught up. I didn’t get paged much at all.
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