punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

If all stories were written like science fiction stories

This may be a bit subtle for non hard-core sci-fi readers, but it’s amusing. One of the things a lot of sci-fi writers do is bubble over with their own cleverness at having created some future vision, like predicting how the world of the future, their future, might be logically. Things we take for granted now, when framed like a 50’s sci-fi short story, become defined in the most... literal of terms.


“They selected one of the hydrocarbon-powered ground transports from the queue which waited outside the airport. The fee was small enough that it was not paid electronically, but using portable dollar tokens. The driver conducted his car unit into the city; though he drove only at 100 km/hr, it felt much faster since they were only a meter from the concrete road surface. He looked over at Ann, concerned that the speed might alarm her; but she seemed to be enjoying the ride. A game girl, and intelligent as well!”

I may attempt a story like this some day.
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