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Even more new friends...

So, this whole visit by djfanboy led down some interesting paths. More of my older friends are on LiveJournal.

There's cr0wgirl and roadknight, which pretty much rounds out the "next wave of FanTek," as I called them back in 1990- 91. Incidentally, roadknight was one of the first runner's up to my "Monty Python Quoting Contest" back at Evecon 4 (the first place winner was a girl know as Bard, who won because she had the biggest tits), and I watched him go from a hyper teen to a... well, he's older at least. :) Then I went searching for an old friend who used to babysit CR at conventions, and ran their daycare for a while. She's a senator's daughter, IIRC, whose father was greatly outspoken on the evils of porn. Too bad his daughter posed for the Vampire/BDSM magazine, Blue Blood. She's the one who introduced me to the vampire goth community, Blue Blood, and BLT, the Bondage Leather Times, one of the funniest fanzines I have ever read. Heh. I had been looking for her for years on the web, but only with Google's recent expansion did I make a hit and find smoakes777. This led me to my old pal, djkangal... dang, man!

Then wombat1138 said hello, made an entry about her cats, sent me a scarf, and pointed to another friend of theirs, happypete. I have known him since Junior High, and while we didn't hang around that much, he did hang out with me a few times later in life. He's doing very well right now.

This has been a good week to meet old friends, I tell ya.
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