punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More DIY Saga

Well, I got the Intercom panel down. Sadly, a lot of it was attached to the framework with a huge metal flange, so I had to take out more drywall to pry it off. That was an hour I didn’t want to spend. Luckily we have extra usable drywall from the bathroom demolition that should fit that hole. We just need drywall tape and mud.

Part of our work includes using some product called “DIF” which, when it works, is a bloody miracle for removing wallpaper. Trouble is, you have to score the hell out of the current wallpaper with a roller, and not all of it soaks into the wallpaper backing. But, it’s progressing.

Then we hit another layer of wallpaper. It seems the previous owners only bothered to remove some of the paper (notably, the paper easy to get to), but I can see why. The old wallpaper is what I can only describe as “chocolate spritz cookies with cherries.” Very 70s, and matches the brown vinyl floor. It also is stuck on and covered by some kind of shiny shellac which is hard to get the DIF to penetrate.

In between soaking and waiting, I have decided to do some cleanup of my /home directory no my main server, where I store all my files. I kind of have a pack-rat problem. This flurry of activity was surged by takayla‘s request I share the pictures I have downloaded from the camera, which for some reason I didn’t put on the main server. I have no excuse but my own laziness for that. But I am finding a lot of old files I never recalled I still had through 4 computer moves. Like old work files from AOL. Some “Strange Tea” skits. A huge directory of Windows 98 Themes. I have stuff back from when my main system was a Pentium 2/400.

I found a lot of pictures, some of which my Uncle sent me when my grandmother died. I think I shall put up some of these pictures on the Flickr Account.
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