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Me in 1977

Me in 1977
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Hanging out in my front lawn. This was from a series of photos my mom took when she got a new Poloroid camera. "Oooh," she said, "so modern. Look, you can snap a picture and... oh... they don't look as nice as my 35mm camera." Lessons learned in the 1970s, although we did use this camera a lot until it died ten years later. The cartridges were still cheaper than 35mm film, which had to be sent away to process back in those days (unless you had your own dark room).

The bushes behind me were in front of my room window. I lived in dungeon-like darkness in this house from age 5 to 18, and since my room was partially below ground, the window sills were about eye-level. This was a few years after we got the house, and you can still see the edges of the window, but after a while, the bushes were even covering the windows of my mom's den, which is the open windows you see above. It wasn't so bad, the headlights of passing cars would have lit my window because our house was at a bend in the road. When I last left the house in 1987, that corner was totally concealed by foliage, and was even creeping past the front door, which could not be used anyway after my father installed a deadbolt in such a way that made opening the door almost impossible (I also think we eventually mislaid the keys).

This picture was my grandmother's and was scanned by my uncle when my grandmother died in 2004. I lost most of my childhood photos in a flood back in 1992.
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