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The day after I met Christine

The day after I met Christine
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We met the day before, April 1st, at Balticon 22. She was Elspeth and Nybor's assistant, and also a friend of Joann Hankamer, another one of Elspeth's assistants.

Tee hee... she was all of 17 in this photo. Junior in high school. This was taken in a hotel room I shared with Dave Murphy, who probably thought I draged her back here for sex. I was too naive and pure, are you kidding? It was just a back rub, honest.

We started dating almost right away, even though she lived in Keyser, West Virginia (yes, THAT Keyser, aynne_witch), and I still lived with Bruce and Cheryl in Alexandria, Virginia. 300 miles as the Amtrak flies. We were married in June of 1989, and had CR in July of 1990.

No regrets. Whatsoever.
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