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I am feeling pretty crappy right about now. Too much is going on that is stressing me out.

Much of it I can’t say in public, because, well, it’s not public material. Too bad, there are two separate and unrelated social situations that are really pissing me off. But to announce it in a blog will just open up another can or worms I am not prepared to deal with.

Me: So-and-so sucked because they did ABC to Whosits!
So-and-so: [in my comments section] I did not!
Whosits: You did, too! AND you did XYZ!
So-and-so: You lie! What about YOU and GHI?
So-and-so’s Friend: You suck!
[Andy Capp-style fighting cloud and sound of yowling cats]

My ankle still hurts, and the swelling hasn’t gone down. The brace helps a lot, but it’s hot and itchy. The wallpaper work really made it worse, but it has to get done quickly, so there’s more of that to come.

The wallpaper job is about half done as far as stripping goes. It slowed down quickly once we found the second layer of shellacked wallpaper underneath, which I suspect was actually a former border, not the paper itself, since we have only found it near the ceiling over doorways so far. I am guessing it was coated with a polyurethane to keep it from peeling in a kitchen environment. takayla has suggested painting over it, and in interests of time and effort, I am close to agreeing with her, even though painting over wallpaper is a big redecorating no-no. My last attempt will be to use my orbital detail sander, because that wallpaper is so stuck on, it might as well be paint. All that is left now is around the counters and cabinets; the two main walls are done and ready for sanding, repairing, and priming. This means 80% of the old paper has been stripped, which is 50% of the work. The only repairs we have to do so far are on the main wall are the big hole where the intercom used to be, and various small nail holes. Sadly, because of my ankle, takayla ended up doing most of the work.

I have also discovered why I hate DIY work on this scale: Nothing goes as planned and I am a complete and total klutz. Nothing ever goes right on a DIY like the TV shows, and anticipating this may make me feel clever, but the end result is I am always missing the right tool for the job, either because it doesn’t exist, the tool need changes and I don’t have it, or the tool I needed has vanished because someone borrowed it and didn’t put it back. Case in point: I had tools to remove wallpaper, I get wallpaper put on with shellac, which requires a chemical stripper I don’t have, which would also ruin the drywall and make me wheeze, which means I would have to get more drywall, which requires drywall tools, and to put it in over a door jam, I need to be about 7 feet tall without a bad ankle, and I can’t be on a step ladder because I am too heavy, and so on. On top of all this, I have no coordination worth speaking of. Hammer and hit the nail? Forget it. Screw something in? It slips. Carry a large object? I bang it into things. Put a tool into a hole? Hole is too small. And so on. I think once it leaves the realm of Legos and computer parts, I am out of luck. I may have okay use of my fingers, but using arms and legs runs into the same problem I have had with sports all my life: I am an uncoordinated klutz. I am still crashing into things while walking in the darkness that is Metro stations, and I have been doing that since I was 8! I can’t even drive a damn car. I think DIY home projects is yet another humbling reminder of just how useless I am as a functioning member of society.

Work is a bitch too. Yet another hardware failure. I haven’t gotten ahead of one project in weeks.
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