punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Man, I am in a crappy mood.

Last night, my ankle hurt so bad, I went right to bed. NaNoWriMo nothing. The brace sort of prevents swelling by pushing everything up to the shin so I look like Popeye. I have a doctor's appointment Thursday.

I have a new doctor. My old doctor was awesome, but his office was so bad, and he was out so much, that prescriptions weren't being refilled on time, and we had to keep calling and calling. The other doctors in his practice are simply awful, and it never made sense to me why he was working with them. We endured a lot to stay with the old doctor, even though he was far away after we moved out of Reston in 2000, we kept him because he was that good. I feel bad, because I know his daughter who was a good friend in high school, but even she admitted to me his office is a bit squirrely. There are three good people in that office, and the rest just seem to have this assembly line, "squeakiest wheel gets the grease" mentality where they never have the right forms, never return calls, don't tell the pharmacy we have refills, and it's gotten to the point where we can't handle it anymore. Every time I went there, the waiting room was filled to capacity, and the staff seemed undermanned, undertrained, and overwhelmed. The few good people in the staff could not cut it for the throngs that wandered about like lost rabbits. Not to mention the doctor has been out for weeks at a time more and more. "You want [second doctor who once misdiagnosed your pneumonia until it spread to the other luing]?" NO! AAAAUGHHHH!!! I'll be in pain, but I'll wait...

I feel real bad about it. The new doctor is young, closer, and came recommended to us by anyarm, but letting a doctor go after being with him for over a dozen years? Who knew you when you were too poor to afford decent meds, and gave you free samples? It's kind of like leaving a girlfriend because you're moving, and her family is crazy.

"It's not you, hon... it's your environment." :(
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