punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This weekend: paint fumes, carpet cleaner fumes, and I still taste copper

I have really been out of it. When I have cluster attacks of migraines, which I haven’t had for a while, they come like clockwork. This is strange, because I don’t have an internal clock. This wave, I got migraines at about 4pm, which started on Thursday after having my ankle pulled and prodded apart by my doctor. Today’s migraines were not so bad, so I think the wave is over for a while. Part of it has been I have been out of my Verapamil, which is used to treat the blood pressure that triggers the migraines. The new doctor has to fill out a prescription.

The migraines have been so bad, that I completely forgot Thursday evening. I have been smelling and tasting that “rusty copper” sensation so much, it’s making it hard to eat, because everything tastes like vinegar and rust.

Friday, we had our carpets professionally cleaned. Also, apeyanne came to stay the weekend and recover from a very, very bad month. I wish I had been more with it for her, but I am dealing with a bad ankle, migraines, SAD, and some other problems I won’t go into.

I made it to work Friday, but by Friday night I was really out of it. Saturday I wasn’t so hot, either. I tried to make sure apeyanne took her meds (an expectorant, echinacea, and tea), which she did, and so I hope she doesn’t get bronchitis. She’s been sleeping, but she’s been through a lot, so I just let her sleep to some Star Wars marathon playing on HBO. Man, I am all Star Wars’d out for a while. This marks the first time I have seen Episodes 1-4 in a row.

I got paged a lot form work. We had a huge power outage on Saturday. Sunday morning, our spare mail server crashed, and all kinds of backups failed. But I think I still managed to catch up on some sleep, even if it was filled with nightmares.

And then my beloved and her workers (noted in the previous post) have been working hard getting the kitchen all redone for my party next weekend.

No NaNoWriMo done at all. I am at 11,516 still. I can’t write when sitting at a chair is painful, and I can’t think. I feel better today, but I have to catch up on housework. I think I’ll try again for next week. The Thanksgiving week should be quiet.
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