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Random stuff

It's almost 2am. I woke up with terrible leg cramps, and massive heartburn. Thus you have to put up with my random thoughts.

My birthday date was okay. I spent a lot of it depressed, though. And no, not because I am 38 or have this age thing, I am under a really, really bad spell of seasonal depression. I had sushi, but I couldn't taste it, which is partly due to depression, partly due to the fact I had that migraine copper salt taste in my mouth for three days, and even though it's gone now, it must have burned out my taste buds. Looking forward to the weekend. My ankle still doesn't work, so I doubt I'll be doing the Time Warp. :(

My life seems to have taken a strange German twist to it lately. Like, I keep thinking I hear someone speaking German to me, although I can never pick out the words to get them translated.

I don't believe the "space elevator" is a workable invention. The more I read about it, and the problems we have to deal with to get a huge tower up into space, the even less convinced I am that such a device can actually work in practice. Besides, it just REEKS of a "Tower of Babel" scenario. If I was to write a short story about it, I would have it crash to Earth, causing a chain reaction of destruction, and the few isolated tribes of mankind that survived would all speak different languages. So Bradbury-ish of me.

I have been sending letters back and forth with a McLean High School graduate, blog reader, and a childhood friend. It's been very cathartic. I think, no matter what other McLean people do, we're going to have a punkish reunion in 2007. I know some people have expressed interest previously. I may contact you with any details as they occur, but don't expect anything until next year.

Geoffrey Holder was the name of the big dude with the deep voice known for playing the villain in James Bond, "Live and Let Die," and those 80s 7-Up Commercials where he went, "No caffeine. Never had it, never will. Ha ha ha..." Apart from being a choreographer, dancer, and singer, he also voiced the narration of the Tim Burton version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (I thought it was Christopher Lee, oops). I always forget his name, and confuse him with other deep voices with foreign accents, like Carl Schmidt who did the recording for "Mein Liebling, Mein Rose" in the Avenger's episode, "The Joker."

And as a side note to that, anyone I have ever met from Trinidad and Tobago in my life have been very pleasant. Yes, I have met many people from there, I seem to find them all the time, especially in DC. They brag about their country all the time. "Why did you leave, then?" I often ask. "Oh, it's very poor there."

I like Gwen's new song "Wind it Up." If anything, because she (or the people who write and produce her stuff) sampled the "The Lonely Goatherd" from "Sound of Music," which takes a different kind of thinking. You can see the "ooh, another freaky costume and dance number that looks slightly like Lewis Carroll had a hand in it" video here: http://www.gwenstefani.com

I'm going to bed now. Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo.
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