punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Thursday's child has far to go

I am working from home today. Last night my ankle became so swollen, it was starting to bruise the edges of my skin around my brace. The bruise marks have faded to a yellow, but my skin is starting to show stretch marks. I have to keep it elevated to get the swelling down, and this has offically gone from "annoying" to "worrisome." Still waiting for the referral for the MRI and specialist. Of course, today had to be the day when one of the admins had to work all morning, and is staying home, and the other was up all night with work and a baby, and is taking the day off. Then the power kept going on and off, making working from home a little difficult.

But one advatage to a power outage is that right after at least a block-wide power outage, Internet speed gets way faster until around 4pm. I think a lot of people have Kazaa or whathaveyou just running all the time, so when their connection gets borked, it drops all their network traffic, and doesn't restart until they get home and turn their computers back on. A local scan of my IP space shows so many unprotected connections with all kinds of open ports; snort gets constant triggers from just my local subnet trying to connect to a windows system. It was REALLY bad on COX, but it's still not that great with FIOS (I suspect this is greatly influenced by number of customers). Another great FIOS thing: when you lose power, it takes just seconds to get back on the Internet; it used to take 2-5 minutes with COX.

I got my Thinkgeek order yesterday, which was mostly paid for by aurienne and ironkite's gift certificate. A laser pointer, some Alien glow "Smart Mass" putty, and a polo shirt that has a power logo on it. The laser is a normal red one for the sole purpose of entertaining the cats; the OMG PoW4R green one that pops distant balloons for $149 is way out of my league. I'd be a danger to myself and others with that thing.
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