punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A grateful and humbled thanks for the weekend elves...

I wish I could sleep. Insomnia is always the worst on Monday mornings, I don't know why. heartburn doesn't help; I ate too much fruit to late at night, I think.

This weekend was my party weekend, and I want to thank all who came to celebrate my birthday. Thanks to those who shouted lines, hung out and chatted, and took pictures. I'll have pictures in a few days, but cyaneyed has hers up already. We ate at Amphora's today, and then I rested my leg and watched TV until the pain meds made me fall asleep. A better review later.

I want to thank
tth for helping with the food. A big thanks to cyaneyed for the art, the work, and the photos. A huge thanks again to anyarm and Brian for their help with cleaning, kitchen remodel help, and setup. And mysticpaws, too. And of course, my beloved takayla for putting it all together.

My ankle is better, but the pain is not in my leg, which seems more of the kind of sore one gets when they work out too hard. I suspect it's because other muscles were trying to compensate while my ankle was weak. I think tomorrow's trip on the Metro might get out some of those kinks.
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