punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I should be writing... but

There are times when I am very glad I left AOL. While reading some back entries, I found this one. Man, am I ever glad to work in a data center where some asshat isn't sabotaging me. I pretty much found out who it was, and had to face him at a party recently after he told everyone for years I was the one who got everyone in my department laid off. Ha ha... huh. I was civil. I kept telling myself maybe he was bipolar or otherwise mentally ill and couldn't help it, but deep inside I don't ever want to believe that lie.

There's a certain kind of hell for those subtle tinkerers. I mean, it's really difficult for me to imagine a thought process that ends with an act like tiny putting pieces of paper over LAN cables, and putting them back in their jacks. The worst was when he abandoned paper and just tugged the cables out slightly enough for it not to make contact, but look more or less flush with all the other cable heads. A simple push would "click" it back into place, and for a while I just thought the RJ45 heads were bad. I thought I was going crazy, and people raised their eyebrows at me when this only seemed to happen to my servers.

Never happens where I work now. What a jerk.
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