punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Turkey aftermath

The turkey apparently wasn't good (as in, didn't taste so nice). I wouldn't know because I didn't eat any. I got massive heartburn around noon, and it was all I could do to actually eat anything (and I am still having it). We're not doing a turducken again. The company was good, however, with Brad, anyarm, Jocelyn, mysticpaws and her brother Terry, takayla, and CR.

Plans for going to West VA to see relatives has been canceled, so I am going to spend time with CR at Tyson's Corner this afternoon (I have to work a half day), and deal with the huge crowds. Besides, I have a $25 still to burn.

If my ankle is up to it, and the weather holds, I might take 3 of the 4 Heare kids to the museum this weekend.

Since people are posting what they are thankful for, I thought I'd put my list:

- My family (including anyarm), including those distant and friendly relatives in Sweden, West Virginia, and San Diego.
- My friends, which are on my friend's list, but also about half again as much NOT on my friend's list because you don't have an LJ account I am aware of.
- My house, which isn't flawless, but the flaws are manageable.
- Money. I love money.
- Computers and technology.
- Science Fiction and Anime cons, because they are like my surrogate family. Without them, I would have had no friends, and never meet anyone new. I can trace almost anything in my adult life back to a convention I attended, including my friends, jobs, books, positive experiences, and of course, takayla.
- My job, because it is good, and there's so much less bullshit than AOL had. I did like AOL most of the time I worked there, but I wouldn't go back unless they paid me an insane amount of money (like $150k+) and 2 months vacation.
- Some of the people who came in my life, made an impact, and left before I knew who you were and could thank you years later. That includes those customers that came in my retail stores and talked with me, told me interesting stories, and shared some of their lives and philosophies with me.
- Legos.
- Anyone who taught me about Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Wicca... even if it was only by counter-example.
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