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Laundry Day

Today’s the day I do laundry. It’s been backed up for weeks because of my ankle, and almost everyone is out of clothes. The huge pile, I kid you not, was knee-high piled up against the wall by about 3 feet away before it tapered off. Ugh. Add to that, all kinds of stuff got sucked up with the scoops of laundry. I try and empty pockets, but stuff gets past me somehow. I suspect a lot of it is my son’s clothing, but some of it is definitely ours, and comes out from our clothes only.

So far, things found red-hot right out of the dryer that could have been a bad thing, but thankfully, Ghod(s) willing, didn’t do anything:
- 2 markers (I guess they dried out)
- 3 Pens (no leaks)
- A Reece’s Peanut Butter cup (was like a gel bubble in an unbroken wrapper)
- A Burt’s Beeswax medicated lip balm (which stayed in the tube)
- A tube of lipstick, label worn off (which also stayed in the tube)
- A powder-blue Bic disposable lighter

I am not sure if I am lucky or unlucky. It’s like being shot at by the Stormtrooper of dryer disasters.
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