punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Busy: Credit card theft

One of my credit cards got stolen. Not the card itself, the number. It was the card I used for Internet purchases, although I used the card in Sweden, and I am suspecting it was lifted that way. Yesterday, a $17 Paypal purchase got denied, saying to call the credit card company. So I did, and they asked questions about recent purchases that I certainly did NOT make recently. Two large-dollar items from Tigerdirect.com, and a pair of tickets for Taca Airlines all in the same day. The airline ticket purchase was the flag because it was from a South American country to another South American Country... purchased over the Internet in South America. When Taca called the “cardholder,” they did not have the correct billing address for the card, and declined it. They then called my bank, and my bank put a hold on it.

So far, it seems to be the only card. No other funny purchases have shown up on any other cards, but Providian is sending me audit paperwork for fraud control, and I don’t get a new card from them until I complete it. This sucks because that was my Christmas money I was going to pay off with my tax refund.

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