punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Busy: Happy Feet

Saw the film “Happy Feet.” It needed a little editing and flow control, especially the first third of the film, because I started to get bored and say, “Where is this going?” But then it got better. I give it a B. I liked some of the mashup and remixing in the film, and Ramone is awesome. Reminds me of my friend stodgycat a lot.

Sadly, halfway through the film, my eyes got really dry all of the sudden, and my nose started to run. It was like I was having an allergic reaction to a smell, but I couldn’t smell anything. By the end of the film, my eyes felt like they had pepper in them and one of my sinuses was throbbing. I immediately went home and washed out my eyes with some water, and that cured it. I still wonder what happened. It reminded me of when I got hit by diluted tear gas, only not as bad.
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