punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

$100 extortion fee

Now... I had a rant about why I never went to my prom way back. I didn't have the money, my parents weren't going to pay for it, but I suddenly get this thing in the mail from my son's high school: a bill for $50 for his "Junior Dues." What's this?

According to the purple ditto inside, "Over the next two years, your junior and senior dues cover all class activities, including Convocation, Baccalaureate, and Graduation, the practices, and the actual events. Graduation is the largest cost item, running about $50,000 each year. Part of the breakdown for graduation costs..." There then follows a short list including renting of a huge hall for graduation (what happened to one of the huge outdoor fields or gym on the property?), police protection (oh, man), graduation wear (which we have to pay for anyway, again), printing for all the events (does it need to be advertised?), video production (what the hell?), flowers (who died), and senior tee-shirts (which, again, you have to pay for anyway).

"These are only part of the costs..." they go on. Dues also subsidize the "All Night Grad Party" and "After Prom Party." And apparently, it also is for a "subsidized gift," stating the class of 2006 paid for a new electronic sign and marquee for the front of the school.

And what if I do no pay this? "Class dues must be paid," they say in stern, bolded lettering, "in order to pick up your yearbook, buy prom tickets, or walk in the Graduation Ceremony."

Oh, and all class expenditures are authorized and verified by the class sponsors, the class administrator, and the Finance Office (their capitalization), to make sure the money is well spent.

I saw the list, and already I don't think it's well spent. What the hell? My son has to pay for his yearbook, cap and gown, tee-shirts, and prom. This is a fee just so he's allowed to pay for them. La dee FREAKIN' dah...!

This is such bullshit.
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