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I used to slouch in my teen years. Not because I was that lazy, or just reflecting my poor self image, and it was coupled with the fact if I don’t watch my feet, I lose sight of them, and don’t know where they are. Then I eventually trip on my own feet. Maybe you’re different. Some of you can stare straight ahead and not fall, and I envy that. Because of this, I can’t really run, either; if I have to, it’s a combination of look down a few feet, memorize, run, look down a few feet, memorize, run... I am looking for obstacles I might trip on. I do the same thing when I have to cross a dimly lit room (dimly lit to you, pitch black to me). I memorize the path and walk around obstacles in my memory. This often ends with disastrous results.

But I bring this up not because I fell recently, nor the fact I was at a party Friday where the owner of the house preferred dim lighting, but because someone said to me on the Metro, “Don’t walk with your head down, son... it doesn’t look good.”

I am 38, and the man may have been 206, I don’t care, I don’t like being addressed as “son” like some corny Foghorn Leghorn line. He was and old man, smiling that kind of grin that reminded me of grandfathers who give you backhanded complements, like, “If you used a better shave lotion, women might find you attractive.” I am amazed how many people give me personal comments on the Metro, do I wear a sign that says, “Please wipe your moist comments upon my back?” But I digress.

I smiled back, because I recall a line I was given a long time ago, I don’t remember where, which went like this:

“I used to look down when I walked, and all I saw were signs of despair: dirt and garbage. Then one day, I rose my head up high, and saw the signs of opportunity: birds, the sun, and the sky. And that’s when I walked right off the pier.”
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