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Weekend party date

This weekend was my last day not on call for several weeks. I give back the pager after Christmas.

Saturday, takayla hosted a party for her women’s group at anyarm‘s house. I had a good time, and got a belated birthday gift from theimp79 and bulsi: two books by Bruce Campbell (of TV and movies fame). You might remember him as “Ash” from the Evil Dead films. One is an autobiography, and the other is a work of fiction, bioth of which came highly recommended to me. I also got a Christmas gift from squire_liz: a tool set. This was part of an anonymous gift exchange (stodgycat got mine, a Godiva/Lindt gift pack). The tool set was a godsend because it’s one of those “all-in-one” Durabuilt packs where all the tools have their place. I have lost most of my tools. I am not sure where they go; I put them in the same mystery netherspace “possibly pooka theft” category where dozens of pairs of scissors, Sharpies, Phillips screwdrivers end up. In addition to this, my last portable screwdriver died. I had two at the beginning of the year, but the first one’s battery died and they don’t make that style anymore, and the second one has lost its charger adapter due to pooka mischief. So I had to use my cordless drill or my Leatherman, which made working with computers awkward. For a “random gift,” I couldn’t have picked a better one. Really.

The party was good, we had a lot of food left over, but when anyarm’s parents came back home, her mother kept dimming the lights so we could see the candles. Most people didn’t mind, but this meant I went blind. My night vision is just awful, especially in dim lighting where I can see a few edges of objects, but not the objects themselves (this is usually due to reflections from other light sources). My brain starts to become confused because as I move my eyes around, what I can see and can’t see shifts like rippling water, and my brain tries very hard to arrange them into shapes. This works well when the area stay still, but when people are moving around, or there are bright spots randomly throughout the room (such as candlelight, which also move), it’s hopeless.

Anyway, Sunday I slept late, and takayla went on a date where we ate Sushi and visited the Samurai Japanese goods shop in Fairfax.
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