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What happens with a BB and an MRI

Today was a busy half-day at work, and then I went to get my MRI.

I was thinking of some humorous way to describe the BB tearing out of my leg and wreaking all sorts of havoc (“And as I fell to the floor, I looked at my patella slowly spinning to a stop like a dancing soup bone just waiting for the butcher’s dog to snatch it up. My shin, which had been hanging on the ceiling, dropped to the floor, and I realized the Quake II graphics weren’t that far off, actually...”), but that might actually frighten some people.

I am fine. Nothing bad happened to me.

See, all weekend, I got all kinds of “OMFG! OH NOEZ, YEW’LL DIE!!! You’ll have to have it operated on. Removed, even!! TELL THEM or suffer DOOOM AAAAUGGHHH!” One person suggested it would spin around in my thigh in ever-growing spirals until it rocketed from its burger cocoon like a comet shooting from the sun’s gravity. But when I called the MRI place, I got some disinterested person with a thick accent, “Nah... don’t worry.” I was concerned that he would have said that even if I had said, “Can I bring a rocket-propelled grenade launcher with me to the MRI room?” So when I got there, I put it on my form. There was actually a check-box for bullets and other shrapnel.

The Hindu tech saw this and the second I said “BB” he said, “No... it should be fine.” I didn’t even have to wear a hospital gown. I could even keep my pants on; metal buttons and all. All I had to remove was my spare change, glasses, belt buckle, and they even stayed on a desk in the room with the huge magnetic donut. The RPG, however, I had to leave with takayla in the waiting room.

The MRI was loud. but they gave me headphones that was supposed to play music, but he forgot to turn it up, so when the MRI started, all I could hear was a lot of loud clicks, hums, and various other things. Only my legs got scanned. During the procedure, my legs felt like they had static electricity building up on them, which made them twitch a lot when the charge released, but I was told some people have the reaction, and that’s normal. I also kept seeing the room turn mint green and magenta, but I didn’t know if those were the lights the machine made, or the magnets reacting with my head. When I got up, ALL my arm hairs made me look fluffy, and my clothes had massive static cling. Pretty funny.

They gave me a CD-ROM with my scans on them. I may take a look at that later, and maybe put anything interesting on Flickr. I see a specialist on Friday.
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