punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Dear asshat in the Green Dodge Stratus

License plate ACC-8006 with Virginia tags. Look, I am sure you’re cute and all with your magnetic charity ribbons showing everyone you like dogs, cats, pets, and American troops. That does not give you the right to swerve into the far left lane, which is HOV 2, by the way, and there’s only one of you in the car. Then you drove real slow, leaving such a huge gap in front of you, people in the next lane were using it as a passing zone. I was 15 minutes late to work because of your elitism.

Why are so many people ignoring the HOV restrictions? You really make it a pain in the ass to those of us who follow the law. I can’t count how many people are just one body in one car, driving in an HOV 2 lane like they are somehow exempt. There’s an exit ramp right off of 66 to exit onto 495, and there’s always two cops there who pull over violators as easily as scooping gravel from a riverbed. They can’t even catch most of them.

Why do people do this? I want to know what people claim when caught. “I didn’t know?” The huge HOV 2 signs with hours listed every mile, the giant white diamonds in the lanes, and the warnings that the area is patrolled for violators wasn’t enough? Maybe they are bold, and go, “I don’t care! The fine I get and the points on my license are worth the extra 10 minutes I sneak every morning! Bite me, flatfoot!”

Pisses me off.
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