punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Das Boot, Das Metro

So, today I rode the Metro with my "Air cast" boot, and it wasn't too bad because all the escalators worked. Going up and down stairs in this thing is difficult. Going up and down hills is even worse because it keeps everything below my knee straght, so uphill, it wants to break my knee backwards and downhill, it wants to pitch me over forward. My work is on top of a hill, you see. The only incident that happened was a car honked at me because I didn't cross the street fast enough for him. I have a cane wth me for stability, but I don't really need it for walking per se. Still working on getting approved for physical therapy.

I still think this was blown out of proportion.

This weekend I did some Christmas decorations. I also watched something about the deep sea as seen by a sperm whale, which was about 45 minutes of material drawn out to 2 hours of show and commercials. I liked a lot of it, but man did it drag on. Good to hear their numbers are increasing. It's nice to hear that once in a while.
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