punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Wanna see something dorky?

Tripticon in T-Rex mode Tripticon closeup
Tripticon in Airport mode Tripticon and small car dude

I am not sure why I have held onto this toy all these years. My best friend in high school was REALLY into Transformers at about the time Toy'R'Us had a huge overstock of them. We ended up buying a lot of them because we were bored and rich kids. I am not really into Transformers, but I guess I hang onto this silly thing because it's a slight bit nifty. if I put like 6 batteries in it (I think 4 C's and 2 AA's), it walks and lights up with a terrible grinding sound.

I think it's like 80's kitsch; an object d'art from a Reagan age.

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