punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Calm for now

So, this weekend was shot. What a fucking nightmare. Work just spilled into my weekend, and ruined it. It stomped on my face and pissed all over me. I won’t repeat the events I have already mentioned in my blog, but man... Microsoft sucks.

Well, one caveat. Microsoft support sure hung in there. They didn’t blow me off or let go, and when they finally said, “We can’t fix this, you need to do a complete reinstall,” they made sure I knew why. They patiently explained everything to me. The call lasted from 11am Friday until 6am Saturday before I had to hand it off to the SWSoft people (we use HSPC/Virtuozzo/Plesk for a fully managed Virtual Hosting environment). I guess that’s what we pay for.

By Sunday afternoon, I was so crispy. I was totally fried, and sick of talking to people with foreign accents. SWSoft is a Russian company, and half the people I spoke to, I was like, “What? WHAT? You are going to restart what?” Their e-mails are also in broken English, but still, they speak it better than I speak any other language, so I’ll shut up. But it’s just soooo hard to get work done when you don’t understand what they want. Thankfully, the other admin returned from Ohio, and took over for a while, and HE ended up working until 5am this morning. Right now, our problem is at an unsteady standstill. I’ll probably work alone again today (as I did Friday), and I’ll try not to cry.

This weekend I was going to get people Christmas presents. I was going to get takayla her birthday present. But... that didn’t happen. I feel like scum. I mean, her birthday is on the 25th, so I have some time to get the target date right. She was so supportive, and I spent a lot of Sunday watching Christmas movies with her.

I had never seen "Holiday Inn," (1942) with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, and I can see why. There's an almost insulting stereotype of black people in a musical number dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. I have forgiven them, it was the times and all, but I can see why this never makes TV during the holidays. Also, Fred Astaire plays a real jerk until the very end of the film. Not like a Grinch jerk, but he just reminded me of real people I have known. We also watched "White Christmas," "Scrooged," and two episodes of "Family Guy."

I love Mayor West, man. Every time I see him, I think of the line, "Nobody messes with Adam We..."
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