punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sorry Charlie...

Remember that stolen CC Number? Well, they shut off the account and sent me a fraud form. Not much was charged on the card before it got shut off. About $1200 in total, one from Taca Airlines, and two from Tigerdirect.com (I'd love to know the shipping address). New card and account pending.

So, yesterday, someone from an blocked number called, and said they were with my card, and said I was behind payment. I called my credit card company, and they said no one called me. The caller didn't leave a number to call back, but they called this morning, and hung up on me. Then they called just now. Again, blocked number. The man with the foreign accent was threatening right off the bat, demanding my payment if I would just give them my bank routing number.

Aha... no.

So, the hackers who have my card also have my phone number, which makes this interesting. I asked some info about the card, like my balance, which they were totally off. I mean, it would be NICE if I only owed $191.00, but I owe quite a bit more. The man got belligerent. Said he'd shut down my card. Said he'd put this on my credit report, and my children wouldn't get presents, and I would have a very unhappy Christmas. Ha ha. I am sure I would. *69 said this was an international call out of my calling area.


Anyway, I have missed payments on credit cards before, and even though it's been a while, they charge me like $35, and send me a "Overdue" thing in the mail. They only usually call if you miss two, or your check bounces.

I wonder how many people get suckered into this? Scary...
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