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Mean things to do to telemarketers


I wish I had a better entry today. I haven't been doing a whole lot because I am off since Wednesday to next Wednesday, and I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing. Of course, that ends up meaning "doing stuff I didn't have time to do because I am at work."

Yesterday, we had to take the dogs out to get their shots updated. That's always fun. Actually, the only dog that freaked out was Ahfu, who never likes having his blood drawn. At our vet, that means they go "into the back," and then come back to the room again like nothing happened. Almost seems sinister, but none of the dogs were harmed, and both are in good health.

In the evening, we had dinner with Jason, a friend of mine since high school. He's teaching Astronomy in Daytona currently, and told us about his life there. Normally, we spend New Year's with him, but he's got to go back for the Spring semester, even though his college was hit by a tornado this week, and they have a week's delay. He's teaching Observational Astronomy right now, and told us about his trip to Prague, and the people who demoted Pluto from being a planet (he wasn't a member, so he didn't vote, although he would have agreed with the ruling).

I have also spent a lot of time sleeping. While this seems boring, you have to understand, I am very behind on sleep since the AOL International NOC desk in 1999. At this point, I would have to sleep late for several months to catch up. And still I only get 5-6 hours of sleep on weekdays, and this is really fucking with my health. I have also spent a lot of downtime with my family because I never get to see them very much except when I am exhausted and run down.
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