punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Happy Belated New Year

I wish I had more to say, this being the last day of my vacation. I did get a lot of rest, which was nice, but yesterday, I got sick. Not like flu-sick, just some minor thing (so far) with light fever, aches, stuffy head, and scratchy throat.

I spent New Year's with friends at my house, although a majority of it I spent with CR and Chance playing video games. I think this worked out for me, because it was very relaxing.

Some of you may remember my ankle, which is still in the boot, and some physical therapy I was supposed to get. Well, I didn't. The gist of this is, our insurance provider needs a referral. The Physical Therapy place says they don't need one. Insurance says they do. The PT places says only the doctor's office can give one, and the doctor's office says only the PT place can give it, and it's been like this all holiday with no one returning calls, and I can't afford to pay for 3 sessions a week for four weeks (this could easily be several thousand dollars). We even spoke directly to the doctor himself, which was a rarity, and we had to catch him at the coffee shop, and he said someone would call me and they didn't. And it's not like you can get someone who can solve anything, you get someone who will find someone to call you back. GRRRR!!! I say screw it.

I wish I could say I had a good week off, and I did catch up one some sleep and even some writing (oooh!), but most of it was in a semi-depressed daze where mentally I was panting like I was pausing in a very long race.
Tags: ankle, medical, new years, vacation
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