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What a pisser: Fedora-Legacy gives up

I have used a lot of Linux distros, but my favorite for servers has been Fedora Core because of the tools it provides, the RPM system, general stability, and the few differences between Fedora and Red Hat. My only complaint has been that Fedora Core upgrades twice a year, and sometimes I don't have time or resources to update my servers until about 2-3 years has gone by. This was a problem until Fedora-Legacy came around.

Well, they just gave up.

"Nobody has responded to our calls for help," according to project organizer Jesse Keating. "There are a good number of consumers, people who will happily consume until the project ends; however they are not willing to actually do any of the work necessary to keep the project alive." Funding also was a problem. "If any of these hosting firms or software (companies) would put up some resources to keep Legacy going, we might not have had to shut the doors," Keating said in another post. "Unfortunately, it's all take, take, take and no give."

At work and at home, I have several FC systems, ranging from versions 2-4. The current release is 6, and they only support back one before putting it into "legacy" mode, which is about a year. Even Windows goes back 5 years before it gives up.

Honestly, I am torn. Should I just keep sticking in a set of CDs and upgrade every 6 months, or go with another distro? And which distro? I am lazy, I mean, I could recompile kernels by hand and have a brute distro, and at that level, go with Slackware or Debian, but they require more work.
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