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More on the credit card thing

So that one card got stolen, right? And some rude credit card pirates tried to get my info by calling me and demanding my bank routing number and so on because the card got rejected. Well, I hadn't heard from Washington Mutual (the issuing bank for the card) for a while, so I called them today, wondering why I didn't get a new card or new statement.

"We haven't gotten your paperwork," the rep said. I told them I sent it on the 10th. "Well, we didn't get it, and now your card is past due." I told them they told me not to pay it until I got my last statement. "Well, now you have to pay $200." So I said I would, since most of the balance is mine, and what do you know, "the system won't let me enter in a payment because the account has been frozen." DUH!

So I got sent to fraud. I had to tell my story all over again. "Well, we didn't issue you a new card because you haven't paid anything on your old one." And they didn't get my fraud paperwork. "Everything is on hold until you send that paperwork." Saying I sent it to them via mail got nothing but a smarmy, "Well, we didn't get it." I at least got her to promise me that no new charges will be applied to that card. It turns out that they changed my account number, but it was "in the system" and the previous rep didn't enter in the right account number. So she let me pay on the new account number. I am not getting a new card until this all gets sorted out.

Guess what I got in the mail today? A new card. Like an hour after I hung up the phone, there it was in the mailbox.

The card was a Paypal card, under the premise I could use Paypal to directly put the balance on a credit card. That only lasted for a few months before they got bought out by Providian, which got bought out by Washington Mutual this year. I have had Washington Mutual before, they bought out a home loan I once had. I found them to be really screwed up back then, too, but it was paid off when we refinanced the house.

I am thinking very heavily of canceling their ass. I don't really need the card because it was for "semi-emergency purposes," which were bigger purchases I didn't need per se, but liked the breathing room. I used it in Sweden, for instance. But their lack of professionalism really irks me. First, they never called to say the card number had been stolen, even though they shut down the account. They waited for a purchase I made to fail almost a week later. Next, their customer service and fraud divisions don't seem to speak to one another. One hand in that company doesn't know what the other hand is doing. Sounds like buyout pains to me, but now they are tacking on late fees and probably upping my interest rate.

I hate banks.
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