punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Still sick? WTF?

I can't shake this... cold, or whatever. It's not nearly strong enough to be flu or my usual winter enemy, bronchitis. It's just slight fever, congestion, scratchy throat, and diarrhea. Totally sucks my energy, and I was hoping I'd get better this weekend, but no. I am not the only one sick, though.

My dogs are also sick. Ahfu apparently has Lyme disease, so he's on antibiotics, but you wouldn't know he's sick because he acts completely normal. Widget is sluggish and has explosive diarrhea, which my be a delayed reaction to his immunity shots. He's at least still eating and drinking water.

Storm as has some sinus problems. She's our oldest cat at almost 9 now. Cranky as ever, but now has these hyper sneeze fits. This makes Cosmo angry, and they never got along since he became the dominant tom, so he's actively stalking her to beat the snot out of her. Trouble is, he's kind of a coward, so there's more growling, posturing, and yowling than actual fighting.

But it's not all bad here. I finally got around to balancing my finances, which have been a tangled mess since October. Part of the problem was my 2006 spreadsheet got corrupted, and I had to redo all my balancing back to September, which is logistically easy, but involves a lot of cutting, pasting, checking calculations, and restoring from backups... and I was lazy. I was also $3000 in the hole, and I didn't want to face it.

Well, I finally got caught up today, and due to the corruption, a lot of my figures were off, so when it was all corrected, I found out that my finances, while still terrible, were only $1000 behind, so that's something better. Add to that something I will mention in a private post later, I might be in better shape, barring any calamities, by March. Especially if I get a decent tax refund.
Tags: ahfu, finances, sick, storm
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