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Weekend wrap-up: AMV

This weekend we had another Katsucon AMV at our house. I managed to get Chance to be my assistant for this convention, even though she’s never done cons before. This was my assistant’s first introduction into the world of convention planning, and man, what an intro. Some of the AMVs were so boring! In fact, most were downright bland and awful.

In the early days, we’d get a lot of submissions that were awful, but they were technically bad: 210 x 180 films expanded to VGA size with pixelated horrors, bad audio levels, or just really choppy and hacked. This year, almost all of them were technically good. But like the Star Wars prequels taught us, you can have an army of CGI designers in the most technical environment at your disposal and still make crap on a paper plate. It wasn’t so much that the videos were outright awful, but that they were so bland, so blah, so lacking a certain spark that it was almost impossible to stay focused. We had some winners in Comedy and Action, but Drama was excruciating to sit through and Romance had anything but fan service. We had a new category, “Upbeat,” but that was almost as bad as drama. Every year, we’ve had a few the popped and stood out as “Wow. I will remember this for the rest of my LIFE!” This year? Not so much.

If I had to categorize why some of them were so bland, I’d have to say that the biggest culprit for bad marks were just “clips to music.” You could claim all music videos are clips to music, but a good AMV, in this judge’s opinion, is when the song matches the clips, seems to emphasize a characters’ personality, and if it’s anime I have never seen, makes me want to see it. Very few even tried to lip synch this year, and a lot of them were just “I like Asuka SOOOO much, I’ll just put clips of her to something by Evanescence!” Or Aqua. Or whatever. I could literally spend the rest of my life not seeing another clip of Final Fantasy or Kingdom of Hearts and die a happy man.

Who the hell has a sword that wide, anyway?

Poor Chance. I thought she was gonna die. I can’t imagine a 12 year old having to sit through this. She drank Mountain Dew to stay awake, and got dizzy because she’s not used to caffeine. [makes notes for Katsucon, “Do not give Chance caffeine”]

Later we had a good time hanging out with the Heares.

Sunday, I had grand plans, which were thwarted by a migraine attack. Luckily, unlike most of the time when I have to stay awake for them, I was in bed, so I slept through them instead. This is easy if I catch them right. Sadly, so much for laundry and working with OpenVZ.
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