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Geeky stuff - OpenVZ

I wanted to share this with fellow geeks: I got a Virtual Server node working at my house, and put a whole bunch of Virtual Environments on it. At work we use Virtuozzo by SWSoft which, when it works, works well. The have an open source version called OpenVZ I wanted to experiment with to gain an understanding of what we use here. Unlike other VH systems, like VMWare or Xen which runs a separate and sealed environment, OpenVZ sort of piggybacks off the host OS, sharing a lot of stuff with the host OS on a transparent level. This reduces the cost of the server greatly, providing you manage the resources. Most of the servers out there use little resources, anyway. A DHCP server, a time server, or just a web host for a server that doesn’t have a huge load. To give you an idea, my server load here is next to nothing, even though I am running 7 operating systems.

[root@ryoko cache]# uptime
17:53:30 up 17:44, 2 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.05
[root@ryoko cache]# vzlist
101 16 running cent4-101
102 17 running fedcore5-102
103 4 running slack10-103
104 5 running debian3-104
105 1 running gentoo2006.0-105
106 3 running ubuntu606-106
107 3 running opensuse10-107
[root@ryoko cache]#

I am pretty proud I have gotten this all set up, and wanted to boast.
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