punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Odds and Ends

I may not have time to write this weekend. So here’s a big entry before I go off for the weekend.

Someone stole my son’s PIN for his lunch card. I think I have paid some asshat $175 for their lunches over the last two months :(

On top of that, the card used for this was maxed out. This is not shocking, it had a purposefully set low limit for all my “dodgy” transactions, like credit card purchases done at conventions, craft shows, odd Internet purchases, and so on. Well, due to a mistake on my part (I put a vet bill on it) and the lunch thing, it got maxed out. So I go online to see my statement, and it won’t let me. Says my CC info is wrong. I call them. I get some Indian dude who apologizes every other sentence, and says that my account info does not match my account info. But his system keeps crashing, so he’s not sure why. Then he says he fixes it, it doesn’t get fixed, and so I force him to read my statement over the phone to make sure there are no fraudulent charges on it. No, just a vet bill I knew was mine. What? Doggies need shots. I could not account for why it was maxed out until today, when I went to mylunchmoney.com and saw charges for food I knew CR doesn’t eat (like meat).

This weekend, I have a full plate. I get up, shower, get on the Metro, and meet grayhawkfh in Maryland, where we’ll ride to the MSD meeting, and I’ll stay most of the day. We’re going to talk about upcoming conventions, and I need to see where I’m needed. Honestly, I should be doing more stuff for them, but I can never attend the C&S stuff because I am on call most of the weekends they have them, and when I am not on call, I am doing other stuff because... I a not on call. tth is very patient with me, which is something I am grateful for. One of the things I am worrying about is any con I go to, I need to man the table, and I know nothing about half the stuff they sell, and I suck as a salesperson unless I am intimate with the product (stop snickering, gypsy_sylvin!). At 6:30ish, I am back on the Metro, heading back home for Vienna, where I’ll hook back up with my beloved, and we’re going to a party for in important famous person, cyaneyed.

We get back and sleep, get up early on Sunday, and haul ass to West Virginia to setup and connect my sister-in-law Debbie’s DSL. We got her a new computer because Dell was having a blowout “OMG, Christmas overstock” sale, and my work had a coupon, So I got her a business class PC for a lot less than most. It’s pretty slick, a Celeron 2.8 ghz with 512mb RAM, big hard drive, CD/DVD drive, and for less than $400. Nice case, and by nice I mean easy to open and poke inside.

Which I had to do because the CDROM wasn’t connected.

The “Debbie Does DSL” story in a combination of “dial-up account cancelled in her area” + “DSL made available in its place” + “outdated computer with no NIC” + “bought NIC and it didn’t work” + “several people tried to get her set up.” So we’re going out there, brand new computer, used broadband router, and hopefully, we’ll get DSL set up and running.

Last night I did all my pre-setup work. Which included un-installing all the crap Dell puts on their systems: Norton, Corel trial, AOL, Google Deskbar, Jukebox, and a whole lot of other stuff. Luckily, removing it was made easier by Dell De-crapifier, which removed registry entries as well. I als downlaoded and installed AVG Free, Ad-Aware (which found more SpyWare and removed it), and all the Windows updates. It took hours, especially the 39 updates, which included IE 7. I thought about Firefox, but Debbie plays all these online games with require Flash, Java, and who knows what-else, and I didn’t know how much of it would be available as a Firefox plugin.

She still demands to keep her Excite account, for instance. Have you tried their search engine? Talk about loaded with Spyware; I tried finding AVG Free, and I got a ton of search-bombs for other software.
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