punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My day trip to West Virginia via Maryland

On April 1st, 1988, I met and fell in love with a West Virginia girl. I married her the next year. Her hometown in Keyser, West Virginia and we visit "home" form time to time. This time, we had to visit her sister in Westernport, Maryland, because we've replaced her old and busted computer with a brand-spanking new one. We also had to hook up her DSL.

The dialup account Debbie had was going away. So she got DSL. But it was a "do-it-yourself" kit, which, to her credit, she understood fairly well. I also learned that she had always wanted to do computer science, but was pooh-poohed because she was a girl ("Don't you mean you want to do data entry, sweetie?"). This angers me to no end; how dare someone patronize her because she wants to learn computer science?? Anyway, she had read the manuals and everything, which puts her one step ahead of half the techs I know. DSL was not working with my Linksys router I was going to give her, and I couldn't figure out why.

Well, it turns out, after a lot of testing, the default IP range for her DSL network was in the private range, which is what the Linksys router has. Because of this, I was unable to get the router to give me the web page to config it to another range because it had conflicting IPs with the DSL, and could not get IP because it required you install DSL validation software to get DSL on your system... what a mess. So I hooked up her Windows box directly to DSL (figuring it had a private IP anyway, probably behind another firewall at some colo), and that worked. I put in ZoneAlarm personal firewall as an added precaution.

In my quest to take better pictures, I snapped some shot of our trip where my dinky camera would let me. Here's the whole set, but here are some highlights (click for larger pictures) of the better photos:

DAIRY QUEEN! Sun breaking from fluffy clouds
Happy Cat loves West Virginia Cumberland Steeples
Debbie lives in an old schoolhouse. Mountain icicles
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