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The busy weekend

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Well, as I said on Friday, I had a full weekend. Luckily, it was pretty fun.

Metro-stuffed Protest
While going to MSD (Vienna to Shady Grove), the Metro was PACKED with protesters and signs for the big Anti-War Rally on the DC Mall. I don't really have much to comment on this, but here's a picture of some of the signs that were thrown away afterwards. I am proud people still do this, even if Bush wouldn't understand what this means. I am glad the whole event went peacefully, too.

We should set up a flash mob protest circuit.

MSD - 2007
The fine folks at MSD had an all-hands meeting which got done ahead of schedule. Sadly, tth told me he didn't need me anymore because my book sales sucked, and I was a drain on their company. Thanks a LOT blog readers! HAH! No, seriously, he took me aside and said that while I would always have emergency table duty, I would not be expected to learn all the MSD products that I didn't already know (C&S and Bits Traveler). During the meeting, gypsy_sylvin said she wasn't allowed to sit next to me anymore, and just because I said the word "Oatmeal?" after discussing zombies (and only a VERY few of my readers will get that joke). I got to ride in with grayhawkfh, which was major cool, because nowadays I only see him once a year. Cons I will be doing work for MSD are Balticon and Gencon. Yay!

cyaneyed's Party
This was a great party! I wish I remembered to take some pictures, but I think cyaneyed did, so look at her account. I got to spend some quality time with Bruce Evry, which I had been meaning to do for two years now. Bruce is head of security networking IT stuff for Bethesda Naval Labs now, and Cheryl has JUST graduated with a CS degree with an emphasis on aeronautics and satellite technology. Go Cheryl! Woo! She's now looking for a job... anyone want to hire a genuine rocket scientist?

cyaneyed has cool friends.

Our Trip to Westernport and Keyser
We got takayla's sister a new computer because her old one was very old (P2/400, 64mb RAM, Win98), and it didn't have a network card for her DSL. They tried to install one, but it didn't work, and I was afraid that machine was almost dead anyway (we bought it for her in like 2001 or something as a "refurbished" model from Dell Overstock Clearance). The new one is slick. Celeron 2.8, 512mb RAM, in futuristic white case. She was happy. DSL was tricky, as I started in my last entry, but we got it down. Afterwards, we visited takayla's home town of Keyser, and headed out when it got dark. We saw your house, aynne_witch and rigel_de_monat! Easy to find, it was the only house with a car with VA tags.

We arrived how at about 9, and crashed into bed, but not before arranging to see "Epic Movie" with CR, anyarm, Brian, and hopefully cyaneyed if she can make it.
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