punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Lazy Saturday

I have yet another new office chair. Yeah, it's like the fourth I've had in 7 years. I got it for free, new, due to some weird deal with Staples coupons. All I had to pay for is shipping (like $5). It's a standard $150 "managers model" I have seen all over, and I have better hope with this chair. My last Ikea chair was breaking because the back of the chair was held on by the thin adjustable rail, and when I leaned back in it, it would bend the rail.

I am doing laundry. Lot to catch up on.

I set up a new heater we got a few days ago. The heater/AC in the guest room where anyarm stays is broken. The AC part works, but the heater element is dead. We can't afford to get it fixed, and our usual repair guy said that it's a very rare model, formerly used in hotels, and he's never seen it in a home. "I wouldn't even begin to know where to fix it," he said. "I don't even know anyone who isn't a commercial vendor who would know how to fix one or where to get the parts." Thanks, previous owners. I can image they got it on some surplus deal.

That was only part of our problem. We went to Lowes to get a room heater and they were sold out. "That's a seasonal item," they said. "We're already stocking for Spring. If we have any heaters left, they would be near the grills." The only thing they had was the kind they use in open garages; a kind of red tube that shoots out a heat tornado. I tried to convince anyarm to go to Home Depot. She wasn't keen on that, saying they would be out, too. Well, we went anyway, and they not only had the exact kind of heater I was looking for, it was one sale... to make way for grills and patio furniture. They were so cheap, we got two of them for less than $30. These are the stand-up oil-circulating electric radiators with auto-shut-off, overheating protection, and anyarm is pleased. I used the second one to heat the rec room today, and it works almost as well as our fireplace.

Latte likes it. She wants to sleep on it. That poor cat is cold all the time. Latte sleeps on heating vents and has a permanent cold, blowing snot everywhere (the vet said it was because of a chronic infection and antibiotics do little to fix this). But this radiator was too hot for her, so last I saw her, she was sleeping on a chair near it.
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