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Screw U, WAM U!

Well, for those of you who have wondered about where I stand with WAMU and the Credit Card fraud disaster, I totally dumped them. That's probably obvious. But I managed to scream at some people over the phone (okay, say sternly in an authoritative voice) that if I didn't get this fixed, I'd be contacting a legal team and contacting the media. I said I worked for a company where I got free legal help, and that seemed to really change their minds. Well, maybe not. I'd like to say I fought like a Viking with a blunt axe, smashing, slicing, and pillaging... but after I started my whole practiced speech, they:

- Put a supervisor on the phone. The account had been flagged as a "sensitive issue."
- Removed the new charges on the card. They said they were sorry for reactivating the account, that this should have been closed, and they were sure this was an isolated mistake, and I would not be charged for all those purchases (which had, by now, maxxed out the card at $12,000... which is also suspicious since my limit was much, much less than that).
- Removed the old charges on the card. They said they had a copy of my fraud affidavit after all, but I suspect they did not remove the $384 from Tigerdirect, just the big $900 one from Taca Airlines. I'll have to look at all this when I get home.
- They removed all the interest and late fees.
- They closed my account, apologizing again at the mess this had turned into.

I couldn't pay off the balance, because money is tight, but they let me make a late payment with no fees.

In the meantime, takayla got us another credit card with a better interest rate with a major company. We still have Citibank, Amex, etc, so it's not like we're screwed if we have an emergency, but finances have been so bad recently, that the timing of this incident was not ideal.

I will verify all this with a statement they said they will send me in the mail. Of course, all this was just told to me over the phone, it could all be fiction for all I know.

Man, I hate banks.
Tags: credit cards, wamu, washington mutual
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