punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Punk Walrus, Danger Seeker

Okay, when I was in Sweden, I was looking for cough lozenges, but the nearby apotek (drug store) was closed for Midsommar. So I got these things at 7-11 by Vicks (makers of such family favorites as Vap-o-Rub and Nyquil) called only "Red Energy." Not sold in the states, folks, and I am pressed to find much documentation on it on the Internet, except some people have become addicted to it; notably hackers, Wikipedia enthusiasts, and the Dutch.

I never opened it. I was too scared by the Swedish warning labels, which only claimed 2 of them were equal to a cup of coffee, but it wasn't for kids or people with high blood pressure. What little I could read in Swedish was they only had 25mg of caffeine per candy, which isn't a while lot. My sore throat, desperate for a cough-drop like thing, forced me to open the bag for the first time since I purchased the bag last summer.

Blecch. Nasty. And they have a liquid center which can only be described as the flavor "ear wax" from Bernie Botts All-flavors mixed with coffee grounds. But they did have a mild kick.

That's right: I try Swedish things so you don't have to. If I die in the next few hours due to heart attack, you'll know why.

Next segment: "Pickled Herring: Finally, someone canned fish vomit in slippery bite-sized morsels."
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