punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sick sick sick: The Grumble of the Beast

I am sick. Having been much sicker before, I don't like soliciting sympathy because I feel a shade of guilt. After all, in the last six years, I have had pneumonia three times and the Norwalk virus. This is not the flu, either, and I had the flu a few times as a kid, and I know the flu. This is just some bad virus. But after all those bouts with pnemoniua... I get a little scared every time I get sick. I used to be all, "I'll walk this off," but the last two bouts came on so quickly... anyway, I doubt I have anything serious. But my lungs are clogged, and it's annoying because when I breath it, it gurgles. This is not as horrible as it sounds, since a good expectorant takes care of it, but with my asthma, it makes it hard to do any physical activity.

I started to feel sick Tuesday, stayed home Wednesday, and then I have been sleeping most of today. But now I feel better.

Eh... better now than at Katsucon.
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