punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Monday Blues

I still feel like crap. My lungs have finally mostly cleared to the point I can breathe with 80-90% normal capacity (well, normal for me at any rate), but whatever thing I had really wore me out. I am so exhausted, even though I got nearly 7 hours sleep; more than I normally get.

I don’t know what I had. It wasn’t the flu. I didn’t have the huge fever body aches the flu usually has. Nothing affected my stomach. I had a slight fever from Tuesday through Saturday, but it came and went. The big thing was how it affected my lungs. It wasn’t bronchitis; I have had so many ENT/tonsillitis/strep/sinusitis/bronchitis/pneumonia infections in my life, I consider myself an expert and a host organism to my symbiotic antibiotic brethren. It acted like it was going to became bronchitis, but it never really got deep in my chest or rattled there. It was like a weak bronchitis. I had a lot of thick mucus, but it never turned any shade other than the normal white.

The biggest side effect of this is the loss of oxygen over a long period of time. I am out of breath when I talk, I get dizzy quickly, I can’t walk long distances, my fingers, lips, toes, tip of my nose, and face are cold and tingly, but I get better when I am at rest.

What I want to know is why before Katsucon? It seems I get sick a lot right before Katsucon (and this also happened with Evecon), but this may be due to the season (I got sick this time of year as a kid, way before cons). I am glad I am not scrambling last-minute programming or pre-reg, let me tell you. OC I could run in my sleep now, and have often thought it might come out better that way. But until they get someone else to do it, I am happy to keep the chaos down a little. Man, I hope Chance (my new assistant) gets to me in time. As it stands, she’s coming from Virginia Beach Friday morning, and they are predicting some major snowstorm...

Yeah. I recall KatsnowCon from 2003, and I don’t want a repeat of that mess. The last update said that snow was coming tomorrow, but would end Wednesday for sure, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed.
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