punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So, I almost stopped breathing today

And not the good kind. Not the, "ZOMG FREE LEGOZ!!1!" but the kind where apparently my asthma had something to say about my recent sickness:

"No sir, I didn't like it."

I went to work, and almost didn't make it. Okay, I am still tired from being sick. Then my feet and nose went ice cold, and my fingers, lips, and face started to tingle, I saw spots in front of my eyes, and the room started to spin... my Albuterol was doing squat.

Emergency trip to the doctor's. BP 188/120something. "Yeah, U suk," said my doctor. Actually, he told me I had massive inflammation of the lungs, but I didn't appear to be sick anymore, so he gave me new asthma meds, some steroids, and told me bed rest for 3 days. I am on a special, super-powerful "OH NOES" asthma treatmnent called Asmanex, plus Proventil, with a chaser of Norvasac and Hyzaar, which I thought was one of the newly-classifed "dwarf planets," but apparently, I was wrong.

I am okay if I am still, but if I move up a flight of stairs, I nearly pass out. It's real hard to speak without getting out of breath.

Asthma sucks. And blows. Or doesn't which s.. bl.. .. it's just terrible.
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