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Life without oxygen

So, today, I worked from home. Boring. I had issues with some backups. I worked off some tickets, spoke with Red Hat about upgrades, and then I read mail. One of the other admins stayed home because of the weather, leaving the new guy all alone. Luckily, as far I could tell by 4pm, not much else happened.

I napped a lot. It sort of happens suddenly.

I am able to get out of bed and walk around upstairs. I actually made it downstairs a little while ago, but it wore me out, and now I am stuck down here. The problem with this is, I get real antsy because I am not sick, and I am also on steroids, so I want to move around and punch walls, but then run out of oxygen and get dizzy real quick. It's like I have altitude sickness. And I swallow more air than I breathe in. I won't tell you what happens when you swallow a lot of air all day, but it does not have polite side effects.

I did some light housework, fixed takayla's computer, and made the bed after work.
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