punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Katsucon Friday

So far, so good. I have mostly avoided any drama, which is my master plan... mwah ha ha... having fun with everyone.

Last night, we got here around 6 or 7, I can't recall which. We went straight up to the Staff Suite where most things were already set up by lohquesse, Matt, and a variety of volunteers. stodgycat arrived late, and we created mischief by looking for the Forbidden Staff shirts. Colette had to shoo us away. Both of us also met two drunk mundane stockbrokers from Winchester, who were pleasant, and a girl named Mo Dawson, who is running a once-only Power Rangers Fan convention in San Diego.

Or was that this morning? I forget. All the time has blended together, and I am winding down from running Opening Ceremonies, which went technically well, but I don't think I was getting to the audience as much as I would have liked. They seemed more responsive to Steve Bennett and a guy with a mini airplane than me.

I have pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera cable, so even though I have Internet, I'll have to wait Sunday night or Monday to upload everything. A lot of my OC pictures came out blurry because my camera is carp in large indoor rooms. The flash gets everything close, but everything far away gets dark, or with no flash, where it's all a yellow blur. Someday, I'll be able to afford a nice Nikon D50 like cyaneyed has.

One big thing is I get to bring in a con virgin, aksident, who while she was at a FanTek con when she was 1, oddly remembers none of it. This means I met her around that age, and not 4 as I originally thought. She's adjusting to the con well, and spending time with her dad, which is really cool. I am very happy to see her here, and she's a good assistant. I brought her onstage at the end of OC to thank her for her backstage help.

I think she's coming to the dance tonight at midnight (if I can stay awake, oy!), where joeanon is spinning.
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